San Francisco-based BURMESE spew forth a bile stuffed plume of thick dirge on their third full length. Recorded by Weasel Walter this blackened-to-the-core slab manages to fuse the bleak Whitehouse (the band not the building) world vision to an underwater plastic explosive dolphin attack on all that is right and just with family values. The sounds here tend to generate comparisons to mud pilots like the SWANS and EYEHATEGOD except that BURMESE use two drums AND two basses. Previous records for Planaria and Tumult have sketched out a similar murky vision, but this record raises fidelity to a notch nearer to the seconds right before the hammer falls on any given weekend’s convenience store heist. Not depressing musically, just very realistic and heavy. Features a member of the current FLYING LUTTENBACHERS! Has played with DON CABALLERO, LIGHTNING BOLT, and ERASE ERRATA.

Song: Headmaster