Cheap 12″ EP

Since 1987 Brainbombs have been spreading their particular brand of no-fi trash around the world. Although based in Sweden, they’ve put out releases on lots of Blackjack, Wabana, Releasing Eskimo.

The sound this time is less the unrestrained throttle burn of past releases which have been described as such:
“This album quickly degenerates into this brutal, harsh landscape of guitars getting the shit beat out of them, frightening vocals obscured by layers of distortion and static and lyrics about Jack the Ripper and Satan, and a drumbeat that tries desperately to match your heartbeat then speed it up to dangerous levels. As the album goes on (and the band matures) these songs get more violent and scary and less concerned with being pretty. The music’s a fucking panic attack. It’s just gorgeous. ” – Holly Day, Maximum Ink

Murder, torture and sodomy translate nicely everywhere, though (which could be the ironic point), so let’s just assume that Brainbombs are nightmare storytellers for whom no taboo’s too lurid, no cow too sacred. …those who care about making associations could lump these creeps together with maximum-rockin’ neighbors such as Union Carbide Productions, Turbonegro and the Hellacopters. But in terms of absolutely pure negative vibes and mega-decibel audio destruction, Brainbombs leave those bands sounding like wet farts. – Aaron Burgess, Alternative Press

The Cheap EP is not the same adrenalin lust of previous records, instead a more psychedelic sound?!? Slowed downed, dirge ala the Swans or Eyehategod. Still negative and bleak. A completely bloodbath to clean out your happy world. Just speaker pushing, in-the-red guitar, coupled with distorted bass and inaudible drum crackle. A trumpet pokes through. Lyrics address adult topics. The recording values are negligible and the lyrics assuredly disgusting… and yet, as with simple things like random murders, the sense of purpose is so basic and undiluted, you can’t help but give ’em props.
This is Load’s third record with Brainbombs, but look out for future releases on American label, Tumult.

Braimbombs – Urge to Kill

Urge To Kill
Nobody knows what a Brainbomb is, but with the sounds of this record strapped close to your skull you will not need your fancy pants college thesaurus to figure out exactly what the meaning is. This record is maximum, in-the-red and dealing with more issues than a year of after school specials. Sounds like a fried out speaker blowing a mix of Detroit fueled orgy fun and evil bad-assery. Driving around in your car, being tired, picking up hitchhikers and killing them with hammers and screwdrivers – just some of the raunchy matter touched on in the 36 minute squirt of brain-burned bile. This shit is better than “Burning Hell”, their middle finger classic of 1992. A Brainbomb is the hit to your head and the sound your head makes when it hits tarmac. I understand if you don’t want to listen to a record that rocks dangerously. I also know where you live and when you get off work…

You’ve heard of the Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Gluecifer, and Union Carbide Productions. The North Countries know how to churn out the rock…hard. BRAINBOMBS decimate all these bands with their brutal thug rock. This isn’t heavy metal, there is no boogie rock on this, and they are not punk rock. Brainbombs go for your jugular. Review this record, play these songs on your radio station. Isn’t rock music an outlaw sound? Its not funny, its like hitting yourself with a hammer. Bands like Drunks with Guns and Whitehouse aren’t funny either.

Song: Ass Fucking Murder

Brainbombs – Singles Compilation

Singles Compliation
The Brainbombs use a horn, scraping guitars and the mindset of a mentally-impaired killer to bring some dark damage to the putrid remains of the corpse of rock music. When the band started, the Brainbombs were much more in line with the European industrial scene of the time. Though they use the tools of the rock trade, Brainbombs instead breath from the fart-helmet of
minimal repetitious overload. To this a drugged-out horn floats in the mix. The collection of songs on this release documents the band’s first seven years.

Subject matter is definitely for the mature listener, with sacred cows being
punctured, slaughtered and violated. The lyrics are usually the deal breaker for most sensitive souls, though the brutish and wiry sounds compete with some of the best sounds off the Killed By Death series of records out of Hell, Norway. Brainbombs is not some garage fonzie KBD cover band, but a real deal noise pollutor.

This is the first time this has ever been on vinyl, so don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to own a gold bar made from filth.

Song: No Place