Black Pus

On Black Pus’ fifth full length, a lot of the looped drum pop that has been percolating in this project’s gene pool is drawn so much closer to the surface. Insanely long saccharine loops are pushed, pulled, screwed and tattooed all over your face. With this ammo, an enduring record of stone-etched brute pop is forged.

Live, the sweat soaked frame of Brian Chippendale dominates the proceedings as he hammers happy hardcore into a looped Silly Putty. As shiny as the music sounds, it differs from the prevalent 80’s styled bottom feeder hynogagic poop in its muscular wing span. Be prepared to have your senses leave your body and obsessive/compulsive jitter overtake your reason in this buffet of freon electronic entropy.

Although many will know this project because of Brian Chippendale’s other project, Lightning Bolt, this record truly defines Black Pus on> its own terms. So comrad, now is the time, take up the fight, strap this pack on and blast off into the land where Space Shuttles no longer tread.

Song: Hole in the Ground