Amazing Grace Guitar Chords


Amazing Grace Guitar Chords – Step by Step Tutorial on how to play the amazing grace song on the guitar. Easy guitar lesson for beginners, tabs included.

Mankind’s love for music is an ancient and rich one. From prehistoric times, music has fascinated the human civilization. While the origin of music is older than recorded history, its influence can be seen everywhere. It is used to entertain, inspire and enthrall. It can be enjoyed individually or in a group. Whether you are playing a musical instrument or listening to the music it creates, the process influences the mind, body and soul.

Learning to Play Amazing Grace

Learning to play a musical instrument is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. It will affect your life in innumerable ways, and make it better. The Amazing Grace guitar chords are an excellent choice for a beginner. The difficulty level for the song is graded to be suitable for a novice. The key for the song is G, and the chords it uses are G, D and A7. There are several versions for this tune, and it is best to begin with the easiest. As you master your technique, you may wish to graduate to a version that requires fingerpicking.

The chords for Amazing Grace can be downloaded online. Many guitar teachers offer printable chord diagrams for this song. As the chords are the same for each verse, it makes it easier to master them. The guitar chords sheets for the song may also include a ¾ strum diagram.

How to Begin

Before you are ready to actually start playing the chords, it is a good idea to listen to the song a few times. Even though you may be familiar with it, this time pay close attention to the guitar chords, the timing, and of course the words.

Watching an easy instructional video of how to play the guitar chords for ‘Amazing Grace’ will help ensure that you position your fingers properly. You may want to watch the video and practice placing your fingers according to the chord you are playing. You will also want to take note of how the instructor strums through the strings.

Now that you are set to play the Amazing Grace chords, make sure you are sitting or standing comfortably. As you begin playing and move your way through the three chords, you will begin to make music, and yes, it will be the sweetest sound you have heard.

Do remember that like everything else in life, when you are learning to play a musical instrument you must be patient. The more you practice, the easier it will become for you to master the instrument. This is an excellent song for beginners, and this is why music teachers like to begin with it. It is also a song that is well loved, and most people know it. This makes it easier to learn as you can sing while you play your guitar chords.

Humming or singing while you play is important, as it will help you understand the timing that the musical composition uses. This song can be played on almost all musical instruments but it does sound especially poignant on a guitar. And this makes it an excellent choice for beginners.

Amazing Grace

The ‘Amazing Grace’ is accepted as one of the most recognizable musical compositions in the world. It fills the listener’s mind and soul with reverence and humility. It offers a message of redemption, forgiveness and acceptance. It is in fact a Christian hymn that was penned by John Newton, a priest who found his calling after a rather troubled and difficult life. He sought the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness, and discovered a new path in his life. The hymn was first published in 1779. It is believed that it was first used in a prayer meeting.

The tune that the hymn was first set to is different from its contemporary version. And thus, there are many different versions of the song. The most popular and well recognized version was set to the melody of the song ‘New Britain’. This is also probably the version that you will choose to learn. The music is perfect for the lyrics. The song has a simple and earnest message, and the melody reflects the simplicity and pathos. There are many who have called this composition ‘a marriage made in heaven’.
The Universal Appeal

The ‘Amazing Grace’ has a universal message that helps it find place in the hearts and minds of folks across the world. It is a melody that has inspired millions across physical and political boundaries. And thus, it is not surprising that it has been sung over and again. In fact, it is estimated that the song is performed over 10 million times every year.

Its influence on folk music is quite apparent, and has a spiritual appeal that reaches out to the people. It became a beacon of hope and faith for the Civil Rights Movement, and was often sung at gatherings and demonstrations.

Over the years the song has been sung by many artists including Judy Collins, Andrea Bocelli, Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston. There are many versions of the song, and often artists have added a little something special to their performance. And yet, the graceful simplicity of the melody and lyrics remains unchanged.

Advantages of Learning to Play the Chords

The decision to learn to play the guitar will have a tremendous impact on your life. Learning to play a string instrument such as the guitar takes patience and practice. It is a learning experience unlike any other. And it offers a multitude of life lessons.

As you learn to hold the guitar properly, place and move your fingers while you strum, you can expect to improve your focus, concentration and memory. And this is why learning to play a guitar is an invaluable skill that you can hone at any age. Amazing Grace is a timeless and beautiful melody to begin your guitar lessons with. The graceful and simple composition helps you understand how three chords can be played to create the most divine music.



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