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Jeremih Booed, Downed By Drinks For Lipsyncing

Njai Fri, Mar 16, 2012
Jeremih Booed, Downed By Drinks For Lipsyncing
Down On Me singer Jeremih has learned two lessons this week. Don't show up two hours late for a show and don't lip-sync after the fact.

According to TMZ, the "Birthday Sex" singer only made it through about a minute of his set before concertgoers realized he was lip-syncing Wednesday. Seconds later the crowd began to boo him and throw drinks. While he kept going, despite a few drinks being thrown his way, the mic was unplugged when someone threw a bottle followed by a full cocktail that went straight to his face !

While he has not addressed the show at Clayton's Bar & Grill on South Padre Island, Jeremih did tweet about another show this week.

"I've been thrown bras, n panties. but neva condoms on stage," said Jeremih.

According to a fan, people started throwing condoms on stage when he performed "Birthday Sex" at Nassau Community College.

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