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Foxy Brown Happy To Tell The Truth

Singersroom Thu, Aug 12, 2010
Foxy Brown Happy To Tell The Truth
Rapper Foxy Brown, who testified in front of a grand jury yesterday over the investigation of her involvement in a Brooklyn argument with a neighbor, says she's happy about telling the truth.

"I'm happy to have a chance to tell the truth about what happened," Brown told reporters while leaving the courthouse. "Today my focus is on telling the truth."

"It feels so good to tell the truth," she added. "This thing has been such a nightmare."

Currently there is no decision on whether Brown will face felony charges for violating a restraining order the woman, Arlene Raymond, had against her.

The restraining order was obtained after a fight in which Brown allegedly hit Raymond with a Blackberry in 2007.

The two were at it again last month and according to authorities, Brown flashed Raymond and cursed her out.


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