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Rihanna Confirms Nude Photos: 'For My Boyfriend'

Singersroom Wed, Nov 25, 2009
Rihanna Confirms Nude Photos: 'For My Boyfriend'
Six months after several nude photos, at that time purported to be her, were released online, Rihanna has come forward to not just claim the photos but admits who they were taken for.

Speaking with Hot 97 radio personality Angie Martinez, Rihanna says the photos, while "embarrassing," were taken for her 'boyfriend'.

"If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures then I feel bad for him," Rihanna told Martinez Tuesday. "Trust me I was [freaked out], that was the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to me."

According to the "Russian Roulette" singer, the leak of photos she took with the intention of keeping them private, was embarrassing not just for her but for her family.

"I just feel like my privacy was taken before that and then when that came out I was like “Oh great. Now there is nothing they don’t know about my private life”. It was humiliating and embarrassing, especially my mom having to see that and it was two days before Mother’s Day."

As reported in May, several photos, taken in what appeared to be a bathroom, were leaked featuring a woman slightly covered with a towel. A man was also seen in one of the photos sitting on a bed.

In related news, Rihanna was spotted out at an album release party for "Rated R" Tuesday, click HERE to see photos from that event.

"Rated R" is in stores now.

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