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Toni Braxton Taps Sean Paul, Shaggy For Fall Album

Singersroom Tue, Jul 28, 2009
Toni Braxton Taps Sean Paul, Shaggy For Fall Album
Toni Braxton is reinventing herself on a soon to be released Atlantic Records debut. In fact, the "Breathe Again" singer has a lot in store for fans, including a few unexpected collaborations.

"I'm doing some stuff with Sean Paul," Braxton confirmed shortly after a concert this week.

"I think I've reinvented [myself]."

In addition to tapping Paul, known for singles like "Temperature," Braxton has spent time with "Bombastic" veteran Shaggy.

But don't expect the singer to abandon her roots with this reinvention, Braxton told the Jamaican Observer there will still be plenty of traditional 'Toni' on the album.

"It's a lot of traditional stuff on the album, but I think people are going to be surprised cause I switched it a little bit, doing different things."

Stargate, The Underdogs and Claude Kelly are among those who have contributed to Braxton's Atlantic Records debut.

A single from the project is slated to arrive at radio this fall.

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